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Q: What is the camp refund policy?
A: Stubbs Baseball Camps offers no refunds however, we do offer camp credit for a future Winter/Summer camp of your choosing should your player become hurt or you change your mind on a particular camp. Contact info@stubbsbaseballcamps.com to get your camp credit approved.

Q: What's a Stubby Kid?
A: We have been asked that question a lot over the years and at times it can be hard to describe. For some coaches and scouts, it's the fielding position that kids who attend our camps get into. For others it's the last step with their right foot they take before going down into the fielding position and what they do with it that makes them stand out. For others it's the ability to deflect the baseball by kids that go through our program and we have also heard about the disciplined nature of the kids that go to our camps. We got an email from a dad who told this story.

"I was at my son's game, an 18U summer game and there were a bunch of scouts sitting in the same area of the stands. I took my seat behind them just as my son's team was taking pregame. Parts of the infield of my son's team were made up of kids that attended Stubbys Infield Camps. Although there were two kids at each position, one of the two was a Stubby Kid. As the pregame started I was within earshot of a couple of the scouts. All I kept hearing when a ball was hit toward one the campers was," there's a Stubby Kid" or there's another one. They correctly identified all the kids that had been through your program. Tell Coach Stubbs and Coach Smart, thank you!"

Q:  What was it that made the scouts take notice of our players?
A: It's a look that kids get when they go through our system. For some it's just the way they carry themselves on the field. We develop "actions" for infielders by teaching them how to use a brace step. It's the flair some of our kids have that separates from other kids. We condone a little flair. Why not look good making plays instead of just being a rigid robotic infielder. That "look" for some takes year to obtain and for others just a couple of camps. No denying it, when you get that "look" people that control your destiny in this game will notice.

Q:  When are the camps run?
A: Our camps are offered in the summer and the winter. If you have a kid who is serious about becoming an infielder, then this is the place for you. Our year around program builds skill. We can't make you taller or stronger, we won't make you much faster but we will provide you with a chance to learn and practice skills to make you a better infielder. We don't promise to make you great, but we will make you better and give you an avenue to greatness.

Q: What Types of Camps are offered?
A: Stubby Baseball Camps focus on the art of middle infieding.  During the course of an infielding camps, players will learn proper fielding techniques ranging from the routine to the spectacular.  We will focus on proper throwing techniques, spatial awareness, multiple double play combinations as well as other defensive skills, drills, and techniques.  Coach Stubbs also will offer focused hitting camps where both fundamentals, and approach are introduced.  Hitting camps are in high demand and fill up quickly. 

Q: Can a left handed player play second base, shortstop, or third base?
A: Not in our camps!  When is the last time you saw a left handed middle infielder or third baseman in the Majors? If you are a left handed player and choose to attend a Stubby Infielding camp, you will play first base for the duration of the camp. Specific focus and skill development of the first basemen is not a primary objective of Stubby Infielding camps.

Q: Where are camps located?
A: Stubby Infielding camps and hitting camps are run in the Greater Seattle area.  Currently our locations include Seattle University, the Mercer Island Boys and Girls club, and the multiple En Fuego training facilities in the area.

Q: What should my player wear to camp?
A: We like to see baseball players dress and look like players so a baseball cap is a must for all camps.  For the indoor camps baseball training shoes, tennis shoes, or turf shoes are good options.  Cleats or Spikes can not be worn indoors at all.  During the indoor camps we encourage wearing t-shirts, tucked in of course, shorts, or sweats, or baseball pants are suitable.  Jeans or denim are not permitted in camps.  


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